Pettinaroli UK Academy 2023 - Q2 course calendar

Dear guest welcome to the Pettinaroli Academy Course Calendar!

here below you will find the Academy courses scheduled for 2023 second quarter.

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Wednesday 7th June 2023 CPD

Course Title:  Pressure Independent Control valve and Energy saving introduction of the Delta T

Understand the importance of controlling the flow and the effect overflow has on increasing the Delta T to maintain performance. Check the overflow through a PICV valve compared to a PICCV valve in the 25% open position. One Full Day.


Thursday 8th June 2023 CPD

Course Title: Embracing the Circular Economy in the design and development of Terminal Units

This training addresses commonly posed questions regarding design and construction of valve assembly for

fan coil unit to embrace the circular economy industry trend and fulfil BSRIA BG29 2021 Pre-commission

cleaning of pipework systems. The advice provided is based on Pettinaroli products and experience. One Full Day.


Wednesday 19th  July 2023 1 hour CPD

Course Title: Comparing a Manual Two Port System with a PICV System

Understanding the implication of using various balancing and flow control options when designing a small Apartment system impacts on the achievable flow rate and the control to other units. Although pipes and valves can be sized design duty. The operation of the system under part load condition is not considered.

Using a purpose-built demonstration rig connected to a variable flow pump, a complete Fan Coil Unit system consisting of three units can be initial designed, sized and balanced within a day. Alternative methods of manual and automatic balancing can be compared. One Full Day.


Thursday 20th July  2023 1 hour CPD

Course Title: Pressure Independent Control Valves Design, Installation and Commissioning

Understand the history of manual balancing flow regulation to terminal devices. Refresher on two Port Control and Differential Pressure Control valves and a workshop exercise. Further explanation on Pressure Independent Characterized Control Valve and Pressure Independent Control valves how they work and control flow. Design considerations and a practical on sizing and controlling PICCV valves. Checking flows, Hysteresis and flow Characteristics. One Full Day.



Course Title: Water system design including pipe sizing and Manual Balancing

Understand the pipe sizing calculation of a water distribution system and practically check the pressure drop through pipe work. Also understand the balancing of a water distribution system using manual Balancing valves to measure and regulate to achieve design flow rate. Using the manually balancing rig balance and commission the flow rate. Further understand the flow limiting action and commissioning of a PICV valve. Practical set up the PICV valves and check flow. Then check the performance by the isolation of one of the PICV valves. One Full Day.



Course Title: Water system design and the sizing and selection of 2 Port Control Valves and PICV valves

Understand the sizing and selection of Two Port Control valves, the calculation of Valve Authority, the sizing of a Two Port valve and practical measurement to ensure confirmation of pressure drop. Check the design of an existing system check flow rates pressure drops and Valve Authorities. Check the flow and pressure drop across a closing Two Port Valve. One Full Day.



Course Title: Thermal Balancing Valve balanced and secured domestic hot water systems.

Understand how a thermal balancing valve operates and the benefit associated. Anti legionella function, preventing risk of unsafe DHW systems. Installation and commissioning guidelines and tips and a comprehensive review of what available in the market with pros and cons. 4 hours



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