EvoPICV lite W - 0X4BROW

Pettinaroli 0X4 Lite W Series Xterminator, compact valve assembly with EVOPICV short stroke valve, (either 1/2” or 3/4” depending on flow rate). Features a 40mm centre to centre flushing by-pass (flow & return Isolation). Set consists of a EVOPICV balancing and control valve mounted in the return leg. Flushing drain & strainer mounted in the flow leg. Mains connections are 3/4” Euroconus for use with fittingkits supplied separately. Terminal connections are 15mm or 22mm solder unions as standard depending on flow rate. Multiple handings available (Left, right or horizontal) red or blue handles to denote heating or cooling.

Key Features

Pettinaroli PEB91 Series PICCV - Equal percentage characteristic
Designed for direct connection to Fan Coil Units
Compact Design
Full Bore Drain
Configurable Connections 
All Components Manufactured in Italy