HISTORY: Beyond the Cold War

1959 The “American dream” comes true

The flight from Italy to the United States takes seventeen hours and a generous helping of courage, especially if you have never taken a flight before. Giuseppe Pettinaroli, however, is not someone who lets himself be easily intimidated and, despite not knowing a word of English, the decision is made. He is taken by the desire to increase the industrial power of his already well-established company. Now, no one and nothing can stop him. And, whilst he is flying in the clouds, his thoughts turn to the migrants who, at the beginning of the century, in order to reach America, had to make an arduous trip by sea, exposed to the ocean's violent waves, huddled together in the bowels of the ship without being able to see the light of day. Fortunately, times have changed and, comfortably seated in a leather seat, he fully enjoys the trip.

In America he meets new customers and offers them his catalog, showing all the products, each one skillfully manufactured in Italy. Giuseppe is something of an extrovert. The Americans like him and they give him the nickname “Mister Pepino”. It is the start of a profitable and lasting business relationship with this great country, that will become, over the years to follow, one of the company's strengths. Giuseppe and Mario Pettinaroli's “American dream” has come true.

They had never thought about such success back in 1938, when they were young men with high hopes. Yet they have managed it. Conquering America brings ever greater success to Fratelli Pettinaroli. But the two brothers' aspirations reach even further. Perhaps the moment to expand has really arrived, and there is nothing preventing the next big step.

1968 “The soviet adventure”

In June 1960, Giuseppe Pettinaroli, thanks to the numerous awards for his work, and following a proposal by the parliamentarian from Novara, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, is awarded the honor of “Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic”. A significant milestone, incredibly prestigious, that fills him with pride and that gives him further impetus to face new commercial challenges. After the conquest of America, a look towards Russia is almost due.

Giuseppe manages to find the right contacts in Moscow, obtaining a small space in the country's most prestigious trade show. The Russians, however, are less welcoming and less open than their American rivals. They are cold, almost disinterested in him and his products. Giuseppe, furious, threatens to return home but, thanks to the now indispensable and foresighted discretion of Laura Fortis, he manages to regain the calm necessary to deal with his new Russian customers in amity. The results from the trade show in Moscow will be, in short, spectacular.

Two contracts worth million liras with Russians institution Machino Import will guarantee not only months of work for the company, but also the chance to make some new, significant investments to complete the new factory.

1970 A chance to overcome the rivalry

Business contracts with the Russians are not completely welcomed, however, by some American customers who threaten to boycott the Italian company. Once more Laura Fortis steps in to deal with this complicated situation and, with grace and under the pretext of showing these important customers around the almostfinished new factory, invites the two delegations to put aside their senseless rivalry.

How does she succeed in this intent? Find out in chapter five!