HISTORY: An action from the Prefect is needed!

1950 The road will be done!

In the Pianelli factory, everything seems to be running smoothly, but a serious issue risks putting the entire production cycle in jeopardy. The road which leads from the provincial street to the company, which was built by hand by Mario and Giuseppe Pettinaroli, has become impassable, due to the weather. Customers and suppliers threaten to take their business elsewhere and stop any commercial transaction with Fratelli Pettinaroli if serious, immediate measures are not taken. An urgent and immediate response is therefore asked to the municipality of San Maurizio d’Opaglio, which answers by saying that there are «more urgent and more important issues to deal with».

Giuseppe is not one to give in so quickly: it is not in his nature as a businessman. Even more determined than before to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, he puts pen to paper and writes directly to the Prefect of Novara, explaining in detail the difficult situation in which his company finds itself. At risk is not only the Pettinaroli company but the livelihoods of almost one hundred families.

After a few days, the Prefect, Ernesto Paulovich, meets with Giuseppe and, after a long and important meeting, promises to personally assess the situation because «problems with roadways cannot be underestimated». He is a meticulous man and therefore he keeps his word. An inspection of the site and the factory takes place immediately, as does an agreement with the mayor and the owners of the surrounding lands. The road will be done at a cost of five million liras, shared between the municipality, the company and some local residents of the hamlet, with a contribution of eight hundred thousand liras from the prefecture of Novara.

1950/1954 An exemplary facility

Mario, Giuseppe Pettinaroli and Laura Fortis, whose collaboration is increasingly more valued and essential, finally let out a sigh of relief. Now Fratelli Pettinaroli can really look to the future. The “economic miracle” does not just touch the large industrial companies in the north such as Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo. It also involves much smaller companies
that, with grit and determination, claim their place in the sun in the Italian industrial panorama.

The Pettinaroli company, thanks to the two enterprising brothers and to the essential support from Laura Fortis, is now a model company with almost a hundred employees.
The production cycle is complete. From the raw materials, skillfully modelled by the molds through casting, up to packaging and shipping, going through manufacturing stages using machine tools, lathes, milling machines and automatic machines. The landscape of San Maurizio d'Opaglio has definitely changed. It is no longer that desolate, inhospitable swampland that it was. Now it is full of life, driven by a new spirit, by a new generation.

"The American dream"...

1950, between the political, economic and social events, altogether somewhat turbulent, new laws and huge changes, will be remembered, as well as being a Holy Year, also for the historic first non-stop flight between Italy and the United States of America. An important connection that, in the immediate future, will enable many Italian entrepreneurs to open new business channels. And that is also how Fratelli Pettinaroli will move. It is not long before Giuseppe Pettinaroli's fateful “landing in America”, determined, more than ever, to discover new horizons overseas.

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